Quality and Technology


Your New Self Service Laundry offers a reliable service and guaranties the best results for your laundry. High-Tech washers and driers have been designed to offer safe and excellent results for all types of clothes and fabrics, from the most delicate in silk and wools to everyday washing including the more difficult articles in our homes such as carpets, puffy jackets, duvets and work clothes. The exclusive technology and

programs respect fabric fibers and are ideal for wool and silk articles that can’t be washed in domestic washing machines or are exceptionally expensive at the dry cleaners.

The washing machines at Your New Self Service Laundry use special programs that vary from 30 to 40 minutes and reach 1300 spins per minute.

This ensures a quicker drying session, saving you time and money.

Your New Self Service Laundry guaranties quality and safety.